Consulting & Writing Assessment Services

I have consulted at state colleges and universities, liberal arts colleges, and major private universities.  I focus on one or more of three areas:

  • Writing Program Review.  I have reviewed writing programs at all levels, from first-year English to specialized graduate programs in various disciplines.    My specific approach is determined by the institution’s reasons for the review and the specific questions that need to be answered.  The review can be fairly modest or extensive, depending on purpose and budget.  It can also include formal writing assessments.
  • Writing Assessment.  I help programs develop assessment mechanisms and procedures that address specific programmatic functions such as placement instruments and practices.  I can also conduct large-scale scoring of student papers on either a holistic scale or a combination holistic / analytic set of scales as part of a larger program evaluation or as a stand-alone activity for some specific purpose.  The scoring can be done by the program’s own instructional staff, providing excellent in-service staff development, or by my own group of expert writing instructors and evaluators.
  • Writing Program Development.  I offer consultations, presentations, and materials on program improvement, instructor development, and curriculum design.  I have a particular specialty in Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) /  Writing in the Disciplines (WID), having created the extensive WID program at MIT.

Email: [email protected]